The Fifth Avenue Project

9”x10m, 2014, Cartridge Paper and Ink

As my final work of the buildings project, I decided to create a large drawing on a ten metre roll of paper. In order to have a subject to cover this length, I decided to draw the length of Fifth Avenue, NYC, featuring buildings from both sides of the street. I didn't have room for all of the buildings, so I only drew those that appealed to me, and with some I used creative license (especially with some of the buildings with a lot of windows). The drawing took me approximately 10 hours per metre to draw, which meant it ended up taking between 90 and 100 hours however it was completely worth it! These photos are from where I had to hang my drawing to be assessed, so space was at a premium, however I would love to see the drawing on one long wall as it would have such an amazing impact.